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The SettleStop™ Wall Anchor System

Our SettleStop wall anchor system is an excellent solution to bowing foundation walls. The innovative system ensures that your walls remain standing straight over time.

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Are the walls of your home’s foundation beginning to falter? Do the walls appear to be cracked, bowing, or buckling? If you’ve noticed these changes in your walls, then it is time to contact a professional foundation services company like Peak Structural.

How Our SettleStop Wall Anchor System Works

  1. Our technicians will evaluate your property – particularly the damaged walls – where they will decide on the most strategic places to install the wall anchors. A professional should always be called to install wall anchors, as a DIY mistake can end up damaging your walls even more.
  2. Once the technicians have decided on the placement of the wall anchors, they will dig a hole on the outside of your home where there is stable soil. Next, a small hole is drilled on the inside of the wall. A steel rod will then be placed into the hole where it’ll be pushed to the external hole. 
  3. The steel rod is then attached to the wall anchor, and the anchor is then buried. A wall plate is attached to the part of the rod sticking out on the inside of the wall, and is then tightened against the wall. The excavated soil is placed back into the external hole. Our technicians can return to tighten the anchors as needed for straightening the wall over time.

Why Our SettleStop Wall Anchor System is a Better Solution

  • Straightening Over Time: You may not immediately notice much of a difference when you first have your wall anchor system installed. However, this is because the system works to straighten walls over time, ensuring the anchor continues working even after installation.
  • Helps Alleviate Hydrostatic Pressure: Our wall anchor system helps fight against hydrostatic pressure by pulling against the force caused by the water in the soil. Wall anchors ensure your walls do not succumb to this phenomenon.
  • Moves Walls Back into Position: Our SettleStop wall anchor system will stabilize your walls and ensure they remain in their proper place. The system ensures that you can keep your walls in the right position, so your walls hold firm against pressure and other things that may push against your walls.

Signs Your Home Needs Our SettleStop Wall Anchor System

Bowing Walls

If you notice that your foundation’s walls are beginning to bend or warp, then you likely need to have a wall anchor installed to stabilize the weakened wall or walls. Bowing walls often have cracks on them due to the warping, so you should be on the lookout for those as well.

Leaking Walls

Due to hydrostatic pressure, unstable walls may begin to crack, letting in water. This causes your walls to leak, and the water will eventually pool beneath the wall, leading to water damage. Leaking walls can also cause excess humidity, as well as mold to form.

Wall Cracks

In addition to bowing walls, another sign you need wall anchors is if you notice cracks running horizontally across your basement walls. This is most likely due to soil pushing against the walls of your basement. The sign should be taken very seriously, as cracks spell danger for the stability of your foundation.


The main answer is bowing walls. But wall anchor systems can also prevent your walls from cracking, which could let in leaks from moisture in the surrounding soil. Our wall anchor system will stabilize and straighten your home’s walls, which will help ensure that your home’s foundation remains stable for years to come.

If your foundation has bowing walls, this means that there are major issues with the stability of your home. Bowing walls can lead to structural failure, which is why it is so important to repair the problem before it gets worse, costing you more money and putting you and your family in danger.

Yes, you should hire a professional that can handle the repairs of bowing walls. Attempting to repair the walls on your own could lead to further problems that put the stability of your home at risk. At Peak, our technicians will thoroughly evaluate the problem and implement the right solution.

Call Us for A Free Inspection 

Bowing walls are not something to be taken lightly. They can greatly affect the stability of your foundation. At Peak Structural, we’re familiar with bowing walls and how to use our SettleStop wall anchor system to fix the issue. If your Colorado Springs, Denver, or Pikes Peak home is suffering from bowing walls, contact us. Our technicians are familiar with the area and are aware of the dry climate, snowmelt that occurs during the winter, and expansive soils. Don’t wait until the problem worsens. Our technicians provide a free inspection of your home’s foundation at absolutely no obligation to you. So, you can be sure that something is wrong before starting the installation of the wall anchor system.

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