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Colorado Foundation Repair Solutions

When it comes to repairing your home’s foundation, experts local to you know how to target your issues at the source and provide custom, long-term solutions.

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Our Foundation Repair Solutions

Foundation repair isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. Homeowners can have a slab foundation, crawl space, basement, or a combination. At Peak Structural, we understand that all homes are unique, and we strive to solve your foundation issues with top-quality products.

Foundation Repair Pier Systems

Pier systems contain galvanized steel pier beams inserted deep into the soil beneath a foundation. They latch onto the bedrock underneath your house and leverage the support to realign your home and provide permanent support. There are two primary types of piers: push and helical. Helical piers are shaped like a spiral, and screw into the earth until it hits bedrock or load bearing strata. Push piers are smooth in texture and are drilled into the earth. These types of foundation repair solution require excavation around your home, but typically are suggested when your home absolutely needs it.

IntelliBrace™ Foundation Wall Supports

IntelliBrace™ wall supports are an I-beam structural support system that can stabilize your cracking, bowing basement walls. Also known as a wall brace, the IntelliBrace™ runs from your basement floor to your basement ceiling to rectify the structural problems, and permanently stabilize it. This type of foundation solution typically doesn’t need any excavation; plus, its sleek appearance shouldn’t ruin the aesthetics of your basement. When you run into foundation problems, wall supports are a round-the-clock solution that can relieve your foundation of extra work and pressure.

SettleStop Foundation Wall Anchor System

The SettleStop wall anchor system is the more subtle basement wall repair system that works with the soil itself around your home to straighten and stabilize. One anchor is placed to the inside of your basement wall, while the other is placed in the soil. Both anchors are connected by a steel rod—and when hydrostatic pressure is at play, the inside anchor is pulled toward the outside of the foundation wall, actively fighting against foundation issues like inward bowing and cracking.

Crawl Space Support Posts

When you’re dealing with molded, musty crawl space joists—you’re in need of some structural support. Crawl space support posts can provide that extra bolster for your floors and home to hold up. At Peak Structural, our crawl space support posts are made from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel rods that prevent the floor joists from sagging.

Peak Structural Is Your Partner in Foundation Repair

For 20 years and counting, Peak Structural has been Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pikes Peak’s trusted ally in repairing even the most daunting foundation issues. 

At Peak, we understand that the cost of repairing foundation issues can deter you from looking into it; but the reality is that repairing it now will ultimately save you time and money. We strive to put the decision-making in your hands by offering flexible financing plans and long-term warranties that make your investment worthwhile. Get started on your home repair journey today—contact us by phone or form.

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