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Wall Crack

If you start to see cracks along the walls of your home, then you most likely have a problem going on with your house’s foundation.

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If you start to see cracks along the walls of your home, then you most likely have a problem going on with your house’s foundation. Cracks that are due to foundation troubles can occur in your crawl space or in the drywall of your home’s interior.

Different Types of Wall Cracks

Drywall Cracks

Not an unusual sight in many homes, many homeowners simply overlook the cracks slithering up their drywall. And, while they may be extremely common, they aren’t simply cosmetic damages. Cracks in your drywall can mean that your home is settling and your foundation is becoming unstable. Drywall cracks don’t usually occur on their own, usually, there are other problems that accompany the crack in the wall. These problems include gaps in the walls, bouncy floor joists, and bowing walls. If you notice cracks in your drywall, along with all or some of the other signs listed above, then you should look to hire a company like Peak Structural.

External Foundation Cracks

In addition to internal wall cracks, if there are foundation issues with your home, you can also check for cracks on the outside of your home. Cracks along the brick or concrete siding of your home can also indicate that something is going on with your foundation. A sunken foundation can cause your home to become uneven in certain places. This leads to nasty cracks, as the concrete or brick of your home can’t handle the stress of the shifting home. While some cracks outside the home may be a natural occurrence, if the cracks are egregious, you should consult a professional to evaluate your property and the cracked areas.

Basement Wall Cracks

Cracks in your basement walls are slightly more upsetting than cracks found elsewhere in your home. This is because cracked walls in your basement can let water from the surrounding soil into the basement. This causes flooding that can damage personal belongings stored in the basement, as well as any wooden structures in the basement. If they get wet, wooden structures have the tendency to rot and mold, destroying the structural integrity of your home’s basement, putting your home and family at risk. If you notice cracks in your basement, you should contact a professional quickly, especially if you see water leaking from the crack.


While they may seem minor, drywall cracks can sometimes be a huge deal. They are one of the major signs that your home gives off when there is something with your foundation’s health and structural stability. If you see cracks that go all the way through your drywall, then the crack is more serious than a simple hairline crack – which is typically harmless. Deep drywall cracks run the risk of letting water, pests, outside air, and even mold into your home. So, if you notice deep cracks or a surplus of cracks in one area, then you should have the cracks evaluated.

While it may seem simple to patch a drywall crack on your own, this is not something that we recommend that you do by yourself. One of the main reasons you shouldn’t attempt to repair a crack on your own is that the crack could be a symptom of an underlying problem. Therefore, fixing the crack on your own only covers up the problem without fixing it. The filling process can also be easily messed up, so having a professional repair the crack and what is causing it is the best solution to your cracked drywall problems.

This is a complicated question. If you catch a crack in your drywall early, then you may have time to save all – or even a portion of the drywall. A technician may be able to cut away the problematic drywall. However, if the crack is long and deep, then a professional will most likely have to cut away a large portion of the drywall before replacing it. Replacing your drywall is a complicated subject, which is why we highly recommend reaching out to a Peak professional for a thorough estimate of the area and the problem.

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If you have cracks in your home’s foundation, then you probably have an issue with your foundation. At Peak, we offer FREE, no-obligation inspections. Our experts will come out and evaluate your home’s foundation, provide you with a solution or solutions, and then you can decide if we’re the company for you. Our technicians are here to help, and they are equipped with both the tools and knowledge to assist with most foundation problems. If you suspect there is a problem with your foundation, it is better to act sooner than later, as problems can worsen and become much more expensive over time. Again, cracked walls are not something that you should attempt to tackle on your own, as the wall crack could only be the beginning of a much bigger issue. Don’t hesitate! Give us a call today!

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