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Foundation Repair Problem Signs

Foundation damage can cause major damage to a home if left unchecked. For that reason, it benefits every homeowner to identify any signs that indicate they need foundation repair.

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Common Foundation Problem Signs

Foundation problems show up in all sorts of ways. Here are some of the most common signs you might run into around your home.

Settlement and Sinking

Perhaps the easiest sign to identify is foundation settlement. See, just as your home rests on top of a foundation, your foundation rests on top of soil. Sometimes, this soil becomes too weak to support a home’s foundation. Usually, this has to do with soil being too wet, too dry, or poorly compacted. Rain, drought, and certain construction techniques all contribute to weakening soil. No matter the actual cause, your foundation will become too heavy for the soil to handle, and it will sink into the ground. If you notice that some or all your foundation sinking below the soil, it’s time for foundation repair.

Drywall Nail Pops

When foundation damage occurs, it can cause the walls and ceilings in your home to shift ever so slightly. Wood paneling will become uneven, and drywall will have a hard time adapting.

These shifts can cause nails used during the building process to pop out of their place. Look for small circular bulges in drywall. In some cases, nails may even pop so hard that they create a small circular hole in the wall. Either way, nail pops are a sure sign that your foundation needs repairs.

Wall Cracks

Another sign that arises when walls shift due to foundation damage is cracking. Wall cracks can occur both inside and outside your home. 

Look for drywall cracks that appear above doorways and windows. These sections of the wall tend to be weaker than others, so cracks are more likely to appear there. For exterior cracks, the type of cracking depends on the material your home is made of. For brick and other masonry materials, look for stair-step patterned cracks forming in the mortar. For wood exteriors, simply look for large cracks forming both horizontally and vertically across the surface.

corner crack in drywall

Floor and Wall Gaps

Since foundation damage usually causes your walls to shift, you may also notice gaps forming between the walls and floor. If you see void space at your floorboards, foundation repair is necessary to straighten out your foundation and close the gaps.

uneven sloping floor with laser level

Peak Structural and Help You Stay on Top of Foundation Repair

We know that keeping your home safe is of the utmost importance to you. At Peak Structural, we have the tools and expertise to defend your home from even the worst foundation issues. With our pier systems and wall anchors, we can keep your home stable and secure.We proudly serve Denver, Colorado Springs, and the Pikes Peak Region. If you want to prevent foundation damage in the future, contact us today for a free estimate and talk to a member of our team to learn more about foundation repair!

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