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Front Range's Best Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Mold and mildew in your crawl space mean high humidity. Control humidity levels with a crawl space dehumidifier and improve your home's air quality.

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A crawl space dehumidifier may not sound like a very big ask—but the first thing to realize is that not all dehumidifiers are created equally. While some are designed to improve air quality in a basement or living area, others are specially designed to remove excess moisture inside a crawl space, which is a drastically different environment. 

If you’re noticing mold, pests, or high humidity levels, a crawl space dehumidifier may be the answer.

Installing Our Crawl Space Dehumidifier. How It Works! 

  1. Encapsulation – Peak Structural can protect your crawl space by both crawl space encapsulation and dehumidification. You ensure no groundwater enters by waterproofing and sealing your crawl space, but this may not be enough. Even after eliminating water entry, high humidity can still be a problem. Installing a dehumidifier is the answer. 
  2. Dehumidifier Installation – A crawl space dehumidifier can be installed either during the initial installation or after it has been completed. Our energy-efficient, self-draining unit utilizes your home’s existing drainage system, typically a sump pump, to remove water smoothly. This feature makes the dehumidifier a ‘set it and forget it’ product since it doesn’t require trips to the crawl space to empty. 
  3. Trust the Professionals – Unfortunately, this isn’t a DIY installation. The professionals at Peak Structural understand the importance of addressing your crawl space problems in the proper order to solve your problem best, starting with choosing the right product for the job. Read on to learn why the AquaStop Air System Dehumidifier is the best choice for your crawl space. 

AquaStop Air System Dehumidifier Advantages 

It’s essential to choose the right dehumidifier for your home. But powerful doesn’t have to mean big. Our AquaStop Air System Dehumidifier fits into any crawl space and can effectively dry it out. Learn why our system is a step above the rest. 

  • High Capacity: Knowing the amount of water, typically measured in pints, a dehumidifier can remove from the air per day is incredibly important. It’s not enough to claim to have high capacity. Read the fine print. Our AquaStop Air System removes up to 100 pints per day and filters up to 280 cubic feet per minute. The average big box store unit ranges from 25-75 pints per day. 
  • Self-Draining: You may remember emptying the water container of a standard dehumidifier every day. Not the AquaStop Air System. It drains directly into your sump pit. So, it’s worry-free.
  • Energy Efficient: One of the criticisms we hear regarding dehumidifiers is the cost. Our system is energy efficient, removing 2.6 liters per kilowatt-hour. Plus, you’ll also be saving money on your heating and cooling bills since you won’t constantly be adjusting to get rid of the humidity. 
  • Quiet: Our AquaStop Air System is quiet, meaning you won’t be impacted when it turns on or off. With a rating of only 55 decibels ducted, it’s about as loud as a coffee machine. 

Signs Your Colorado Home Needs a Dehumidifier

Mold & Mildew

Notice mold on your crawl space joists and walls, or maybe mold is creeping into your upstairs living spaces? If so, you know you have high humidity because mold thrives in damp conditions. Mold spores easily spread through your home, ruining the air quality and causing allergies and respiratory problems.

Musty Smells

Since a crawl space is not a location you frequently visit, one of the most common problem signs homeowners may notice is a musty, nasty smell. This is an indication you have mold. Even if you can’t see it, a damp, earthy mold smell is a clear sign mold is hiding somewhere.

Wood Rot

When humidity levels are high, wood rot is a common problem. Since many of your home’s structural support elements are made of wood and reside in the crawl space, when you have wood rot, you’re putting the health and value of your home at risk.


Although dehumidifiers are available anywhere from big box stores to Amazon, purchasing a dehumidifier designed specifically for your crawl space from a crawl space expert only makes sense. Since most units aren’t designed to work in such a unique environment as a crawl space, it’s important to spend your money on a product that will actually solve your problem. Peak Structural offers a free inspection and can provide a dehumidifier quote to eliminate excess moisture in the air and bring the relative humidity back to normal levels.

The real answer– not always. Whether a crawl space dehumidifier is necessary for your home depends on several factors, the region’s climate, the amount of water your crawl space receives, plus how effective your drainage system is. A local professional at Peak Structural can help you decide if a dehumidifier is a right fit with your crawl space solution or not. Our inspectors aren’t salesmen, so you’ll never be sold additional products you don’t need.

Although the humidity level in your crawl space depends on several factors that you and your inspector can discuss, know that mold and mildew grow when humidity is above 55 percent. This means it’s important to keep your dehumidifier set between 35 percent and 45 percent, but your inspector will have a specific number for your unique home.

Peak Structural: Best Crawl Space Dehumidifiers 

If your DenverColorado Springs, Grand Junction, or Pikes Peak home is falling victim to the common crawl space problems like mold, mildew, and nasty smells, there is good news, Peak Structural can help.

Our team of experts live and work in your community, so they are familiar with the unique climate and the problematic clay soil. They have developed products and procedures to address any problems. And with nearly two decades in the industry, there is no problem too small or too big that they haven’t seen before. 

We offer a free, no-obligation inspection. Our inspectors do a full foundation inspection and diagnose and solve the root cause, never providing a bandage solution. That means you can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands for years to come. 

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