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Interior Slab Lifting

Polyurethane foam injections could be what your cracking concrete slab needs. Learn how this solution works and when you might need it.

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Cracks on your concrete driveway or sidewalk are one thing. But what about when your concrete slab foundation begins to crack inside of your home? That can be a major source of stress. 

At Peak Structural, we’ve seen it all when it comes to interior slab cracking and settling; for 20 years, we’ve been repairing slab foundations across Colorado. Learn how we do it, what your options are, and what to look out for.

Quick Installation & Curing: Interior Slab Lifting Made Easy

When it comes to interior slab lifting, this is a home-restoration project that you won’t want to DIY. At Peak Structural we have the tools and high-quality solutions to make the concrete slab lifting process stress-free for all homeowners. Here’s how we do it: 

  1. Very tiny sections of existing finished flooring are removed to access the slab.
  2. Penny-sized holes are drilled into the slab in each affected room.
  3. PolyRenewal™ foam is injected beneath the slab through the hole, where it expands and raises the slab.
  4. Foam is injected until the floor is even, and it has a quick cure time of about 15 minutes. You will have the ability to walk on your floor on the same day as the installation.

Why Our Product is Better Than Traditional Concrete Lifting Methods

  • Lightweight

PolyRenewal™ is a foam filler installed underneath your concrete to raise it to a safer, more even height. Other solutions like mudjacking use a heavy concrete slurry to fill the empty space beneath the concrete, but this will weigh down the slab over time. Polyurethane foam is strong enough to hold your concrete up, but not bring it down.

  • Water-resistant

Expansive clay soil is widespread throughout the state of Colorado, meaning that your slab is only as strong as the soil’s ability to drain water. While there may be rampant dry weather in Colorado, any amount of rain would overwhelm the soil beneath your concrete slab and cause cracks. With PolyRenewal™ the water-resistant polyurethane foam protects your home and won’t change shape in the case of rain.

  • Quick Installation and Cure Time

Unlike mudjacking or complete concrete slab replacement, PolyRenewal™ only takes 15 minutes to cure. PolyRenewal™ gives you the ability to walk on the concrete slab on the same day as the installation.

Signs Your Home Needs Interior Slab Lifting


Cracking on your concrete slab in your garage, basement floor, or other areas of the home is a clear-cut sign that you’re in need of PolyRenewal™. You may also notice cracks on your home’s exterior, like on your brick chimney or stair-step cracks on your exterior walls. Dry weather can cause the soil beneath your home to shrink and create voids and air pockets that your home will sink into, then develop cracks. Polyurethane foam works against that to provide around-the-clock support.

cracking interior floor

Sinking and Unevenness

Just like with cracking, erosion and air pockets create the perfect space for your slab to settle. Differential settlement is when one part of your foundation sinks at a faster rate than the rest, causing unevenness and sinking. When you notice an unlevel floor, have a Peak foundation expert come out and inspect your uneven foundation for free.


Cracks in your foundation make your home more susceptible to leaking, flooding, and pest invasion. Any opening into your home is a way for easy infiltration of water and critters into your home.


The cost of an interior or exterior slab lift largely depends on the scale of the job and the complexity of the damage. One thing is for sure, though. The longer you wait as your concrete slab foundation deteriorates, the more expensive repairs will be. What could be solved now with polyurethane foam could advance to the point where pier systems need to be involved.

Concrete slab lifting is a permanent solution for your home. With the proper maintenance and installation by Colorado’s trusted concrete lifting and stabilization technicians, you can expect to live with a revitalized foundation for a long time.

Concrete lifting is the process of inserting a filler material beneath a concrete slab to lift it back to its original height. Some contractors use mud slurry as the filler material, while others use higher quality polyurethane foam. The purpose is to make the slab more even, to avoid tripping hazards, leakage, and a nasty appearance. Concrete lifting can be done externally on driveways, sideways, or pool decks; it can also be done internally in garages and on concrete slab foundations.

Call Peak Structural for A Free Inspection of Your Slab Foundation

When you’re dealing with a cracked, sinking slab foundation, the damage can feel overwhelming. At Peak Structural, our trained experts are here to help with expertise on slab foundations and the innovative solutions to fix them. 

Our concrete specialists will inspect your home for free, let you know what’s going on with your foundation, and provide a no-obligation quote for repairs. Once you’re booked with us, we provide lifelong warranties and flexible financing plans to solidify our service and promise to you. It’s easy to get started with Peak in the greater DenverColorado Springs, and Pikes Peak area. Contact us today!

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