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Concrete Lifting Solutions

Concrete lifting and stabilization allows you to improve the look of your concrete without having to use outdated methods, such as mudjacking. Keep your property looking good by improving the appearance of your concrete.

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Our Concrete Lifting Solutions

At Peak Structural, we offer different concrete lifting solutions, so we can pair you up with the right one. Our technicians will evaluate your concrete and decide on the following solutions:

Sidewalk Lifting

More likely to be worn down than other concrete areas, sidewalks are one of the most common areas of concrete that requires lifting. Because they are typically constructed of concrete slabs, polyurethane foam can be injected under the slabs. This foam works by expanding to lift and stabilize concrete, ensuring it doesn’t sink back into the ground.

Pool Deck Lifting and Repair

Sunken, cracked pool decks are not a welcome sight, which is why concrete lifting and crack sealing should be used to get your pool deck ready for summer. Polyurethane foam expands to fill voids and elevate the concrete, creating the look of an even and smooth pool deck that you feel comfortable hosting guests on.

Concrete Lifting PolyRenewal installation

Driveway Lifting

A cracked, uneven driveway can cause damage to your vehicle’s tires over time. If not repaired, then the problem will only get worse. To repair a sunken, cracked driveway, consult a concrete lifting professional that will assess the problem and come up with the right solution. At Peak, we opt for more modern methods like injected polyurethane.

Concrete Repair

Don’t Deal with Cracked, Uneven Concrete. Peak Structural is Here to Help!

Improve your home’s appearance by taking care of your concrete sidewalk, driveway, or even patio. Concrete lifting and stabilization makes your old, cracked concrete look just like new! Our team of skilled technicians will evaluate your home at no cost or obligation to you, come up with a solution, and then get to work on your home’s concrete. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse, as damaged concrete can cause falls and injuries. Contact us for your FREE, no-obligation inspection, and get your Denver, Colorado Springs, or Pikes Peak home to look its best today!

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