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Concrete Damage Causes

Understanding the cause of your concrete damage is the first step to a solution. Learn why you're experiencing sunken concrete and how polyurethane injections are the solution.

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Common Concrete Damage Causes

While sunken concrete creates serious tripping hazards, it’s best to understand why your slabs are sinking in the first place to try to avoid it in the future. Learn more about the common causes.

Soil Shrinkage & Compaction

Colorado Springs and surrounding areas are no stranger to the volatile clay soil. Clay is probably the most harmful soil type at your home or beneath your exterior concrete slabs. When clay soil becomes dry, which is fairly common in the area, it shrinks, leaving a void beneath the slabs. Since there is no longer any support for the heavy concrete slab, it sinks, causing cracks and unevenness.


Drought, which many Colorado residents are all too familiar with, is another common cause of concrete problems. The Denver area receives only about 14 inches of rain annually—that’s well below the national average of 28 inches. These arid conditions mean serious issues for your exterior concrete slabs.

Tree Roots

Did you know that most tree roots extend 2 to 3 times beyond the outer edge of the branches of a tree? That means even if there isn’t exterior concrete directly next to a tree, the tree roots may still be the cause of your uneven or sunken concrete slabs. It’s best to have a concrete expert inspect to find out for sure.

Concrete Leveling

End Concrete Damage & Repair Slabs with Peak Structural PolyRenewal™

Discovering the reason your exterior concrete driveway, patio, or pool deck concrete slabs are sinking is only the first step. Choosing the right repair company to offer long-term solutions is next.

Peak Structural has been repairing homeowners’ exterior concrete in Colorado Springs, Denver, Grand Junction, and Pikes Peak for more than two decades. Their cutting-edge polyurethane foam, PolyRenewal™, is responsible for void filling and lifting the concrete to its original position. Our trained local inspectors walk you through the repair process and explain why it works so well in the unique area where you live.

Outdated repairs like mudjacking and concrete replacement only offer temporary solutions. Peak Structural works with you to find a long-term solution you can be happy with the first time. Contact us to schedule your free, no-obligation inspection.

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