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Basement Flooding

Basement waterproofing doesn’t just improve the quality and function of your basement, it also ensures your living environment remains comfortable, free of mold and musty smells.

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Like most homeowners, you probably don’t want to find water in your basement. Peak Structural can help you prevent water damage in basement by properly waterproofing it. In addition to improving conditions in the basement, a waterproof basement will also prevent your basement from flooding and ruining items kept in your basement.

Different Types of Waterproofing Problem Signs

Wet Walls

Your home’s basement is one of the most common places for foundation issues to occur, especially water damage, because it is underground and more susceptible to moisture problems. If you notice that the walls in your basement are wet or leaking, then the problem should be addressed. Wet walls aren’t just a nuisance, they are also signs that there are bigger problems happening to your home’s foundation. Your walls could be leaking due to a variety of reasons, like cracks, weaknesses in the wall, and excessive rainfall, which is why a professional should be on sight to properly evaluate your home.


A common basement issue, efflorescence is a crystalline deposit of salts that are commonly found on concrete structures, like the ones found in your basement. It is often confused with mold; however, it appears more like a white or gray-tinted powdery substance. While it may not be harmful like mold, if you find efflorescence in your basement, you have a water leak somewhere that is causing it. You may think you can ignore the problem because it is not dangerous; however, this will only lead to the water source becoming much worse.

Leaky Water Heater

Your water heater is important for the functioning of your home, as it allows you to shower, wash clothes and dishes, and run warm sink water. A leaky water heater can hinder these activities and can even cause flooding and water damage in your basement. In some ways, a broken or leaky water heater is easy to spot; however, there are times when the crack or damage may not be as visible. The seriousness of the damage or crack determines if you have a steady drip as a leak or if water is gushing. To prevent your water heater from creating water damage in your basement, you should contact a professional to check the equipment.

Wood Rot

A type of fungus that eats away at – you guessed it – wood, wood rot has plagued homeowners for many years. The fungus affects anything made of wood, like your home’s structure, furniture, and any other wooden thing. Wood rot also flourishes in damp places, like your basement. It is also one of the most common basement waterproofing problem signs. That is why it is imperative that your basement is completely waterproof because wood rot will continue to expand as long as there is wood – especially damp wood – that it can continue to eat away at.


When it comes to preventing a flood in your basement, you should hire a basement waterproofing expert that will ensure all aspects of the waterproofing process are performed correctly, ensuring that your basement is safe from flooding and excess moisture. When it comes to patching up cracks where water is leaking out, you should trust an expert, as an improper job can end up costing you more money in the long run.

Yes, it is extremely beneficial to have your basement waterproofed. Basement waterproofing helps protect any personal belongings that you may have stored there and ensures that your foundation is not weakened by nuisances like wood rot and mold. The health of your basement will affect the quality of your living environment, so if you’re suffering from a damp basement, waterproofing is the solution for you. Spending the money now to waterproof your basement is the best option, because ignoring the problem will only make it worse while costing much more money.

In Colorado, much of the soil is expansive soil, meaning that it expands when exposed to water and shrinks when it dries out. So, if there is heavy rain around your Colorado home, then the soil is likely saturated with rainwater. Once the water gets into the soil, it then makes its way through cracks or voids in the walls of your basement. The water then leaks into the basement, spreading out on the floor and saturating anything kept in the basement.

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If you’re a homeowner in Denver or Colorado Springs looking to have a dry, safe place to store personal belongings or renovate into a game room or playroom, then look no further than basement waterproofing. If your basement is damp, then this will soon transfer to the livable part of the home, spreading mold and musty odors. We know that any type of foundation work is not something to take lightly; that is why our technicians perform FREE inspections at no obligation to you. So, you can be 100 percent certain that something needs to be done before you spend any money. Don’t suffer from a wet, musty basement, contact us today!

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