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Common Colorado Basement Problems

Drought in Colorado poses a major issue for your basement’s structure. After months and months of dry weather, the first rain or snowfall will wreak havoc on your basement. These are just a few common problem signs you might be facing in your basement.


Pests are drawn to moisture and darkness for survival. They need water and have an evolutionary need to hide in the dark due to predators and light sensitivity. This makes your basement the perfect place for cockroaches, spiders, ants, beetles, and more. Even during periods of drought, it’s a national phenomenon that bugs will find solace inside the house.

Bowing Basement Walls

Colorado’s soil profile is primarily made of expansive clay soil—Bentonite. When the weather is dry, this soil shrinks up, creating air pockets around your basement’s structure. During the first drought-breaking rain, bentonite can re-expand with water, and inflict pressure on your basement walls, causing cracks, bowing, and leakage. Even if you aren’t currently experiencing basement wall bowing or cracking, it’s a real threat as soon as it rains or snow melts.

Water Intrusion

Basement water intrusion can be the worst-case scenario. The first rain after a drought opens up the floodgates to your unprepared basement. You may see water leaking in from wall cracks, cove joints, cracks in your floor, or from somewhere that you can’t detect. When this happens, you’ll begin to see condensation, more pests, and even mold or mildew growing.


Many homeowners may not be familiar with the term “efflorescence,” but you’ve probably seen it in action in your own home. Efflorescence is the coating of salt on a surface where there’s been a frequent water flow. So, if you see a white, powdery substance caked on your wall, you probably have a leak somewhere.

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For 20 years, Peak Structural has been Denver and Colorado Springs’ go-to for basement, crawl space, and foundation repair. Rain or drought, we’re here to take the stress off repairing and protecting your greatest asset—your home. That’s why we offer free inspections of your basement and no-pressure quotes for repairs. Our trained professionals will look at your cracking, leaking basement and find the true source of the problem.

Then, we’ll work with you to hatch a plan to give your home permanent relief and long-term protection. We’re proud to provide homeowners with flexible financing plans, and long-term, transferrable warranties to lower your stress and increase your home’s market value. It’s easy to get started—contact our team near you today!

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