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Crawl Space and Foundation Repair in Colorado Springs, CO

Cracking foundations and sagging crawl spaces are common in Colorado Springs, and they need to be fixed as soon as possible to ensure your home’s safety and longevity. Peak Structural has the best permanent solutions to put your home back on solid ground.

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Peak Structural, a Groundworks Company, specializes in helping homeowners with their foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, and concrete needs. Our top priority is providing high-quality home repair solutions and personalized service to the greater Cleveland area. With fully trained technicians, industry-leading products, and nationally backed warranties, Peak Structural is here to restore your foundation or crawl space.


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Our professional production crew installs patented, American-made solutions in each home with care and strives to leave the area better than we found it.

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Why Homeowners Choose Peak Structural

Your home is your most valuable asset, and protecting its safety and stability is crucial. Peak Structural understands this, as well as how homes can suffer foundation, crawl space, basement, and concrete damage. For 20 years, homeowners throughout Colorado’s Front Range have trusted us to repair and protect their homes with the finest solutions available. 

Our professional team focuses on you—the homeowner—and delivers high-quality results by addressing each unique home with permanent, customized, warrantied solutions. We will never back away from a job, and you can trust us to install everything the right way the first time. Experience the excellence for yourself by booking a free inspection and estimate. 

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Foundation Repair in Colorado Springs

The stability of your home’s foundation is what determines its safety. This is challenging, however, because of Colorado Springs’ notorious bentonite clay soil which becomes brittle and unsupportive due to the area’s lack of precipitation (just 18 inches annually). Foundations are prone to shifting and settling, which can cause floor cracks, wall cracks, drywall nail pops, uneven floors, and unsafe living conditions. To ensure the safety and longevity of your home’s foundation, Peak Structural can install a variety of permanent solutions such as pier systems, crawl space supports, wall anchors, and wall braces. Everything we install is fully customizable and covered by long-lasting warranties. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation & Repair in Colorado Springs

If your home is raised off the ground by a crawl space, this too often forgotten area can be a haven for unhealthy and unsafe conditions. Most crawl spaces have open vents that allow outside air, pests, and water inside. Colorado Springs is naturally dry, but unconditioned air flowing into a naturally cool crawl space can lead to elevated humidity, mold growth, wood rot, and other issues. The stack effect also will transport hazards like mold spores, pest waste, and nasty odors in the air throughout your home. Lock these issues out for good with permanent crawl space repair and encapsulation solutions such as vapor barriers, thermal insulation, interior drainage, sump pumps, dehumidifiers, vent covers, and support jacks. 

Basement Waterproofing in Colorado Springs

A basement is just as prone to damage as a crawl space, if not more so because it is mostly below ground. Colorado Springs only receives 18 inches of rain each year, so when rain does come after periods of drought, the bentonite clay soil will not be able to handle the water. The soil also could be easily inundated with runoff from 57 inches of annual snowfall. When water collects in expansive clay soil next to the basement walls, it forms hydrostatic pressure that causes cracks and leaks. Mold, efflorescence, flooding, and other issues can then result. To keep water out, your basement will benefit from a comprehensive waterproofing system consisting of interior drainage, a sump pump, a dehumidifier, and a wall vapor barrier. 

Concrete Lifting & Leveling in Colorado Springs

The same forces impacting other areas of your home – the soil and weather – also affect concrete structures on your property like sidewalks, driveways, and exterior steps. Dry bentonite clay soil shrinks and leaves concrete without proper support, and wet soil will expand, heave, and can wash out. Concrete slabs will then suffer damage including cracks, sinking, and unevenness that affects their appearance and safety. Peak Structural understands everything about concrete damage, so we’ve come up with a unique concrete lifting and leveling solution that is non-invasive and long-lasting. Our polyurethane injections can be used on a variety of areas to quickly lift problematic concrete slabs.

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While water being poured directly on your foundation is something we don’t really recommend, as it can lead to leaks in your basement or crawl space. However, during droughts you can prevent damage from the drought by pouring water around the foundation to stabilize the moisture levels.

A typical rule of thumb for dehumidifiers is to have one that can hold 10 pints of water for every 500 square feet of space. However, consulting with a professional is the one sure way you can get the right size dehumidifier. 

Our trained professionals can inspect your basement to find exactly what’s going on, and let you know what size dehumidifier will work best.

At Peak, our vapor barriers are designed to prevent mold from being able to grow underneath the barrier. Because an encapsulated crawl space is effectively sealed off from moisture, there should not be any under the barrier, ensuring mold can’t thrive. 

Yes, uneven concrete can typically be fixed and restored to its previous glory. However, if the concrete has sustained too much damage in the form of excessive cracks, dramatic settling, or missing chunks, other avenues of repair are needed. Concrete that isn’t badly cracked or uneven can be lifted and stabilized, but slabs that are beyond repair may need to be completely removed and repoured. This can be expensive and time-consuming, so it is best to fix concrete problems when you first notice them.

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