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Signs of Foundation Settlement in Colorado Springs and Nearby

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Are you concerned your foundation is settling, but aren’t sure what to look for? Here are some easy to notice signs to look for:

Exterior Signs

One of the most common types of exterior cracks on a home are stair-step cracks in brick homes. These look just like the name sounds; a stair-step working its way between each brick. Large horizontal stair-step cracking indicates downward settlement, and as time goes on, the problem only gets worse and the cracks only get wider.

Long, horizontal cracks can also occur on brick homes, forming right through the brick. This can indicate that the home has bowing walls as well as settlement issues. Again, these only get worse with time.

Interior Signs

hairline crack spreading from interior door frame

Hairline cracks can appear within weeks of pouring a new foundation. These cracks also look just like they sound; thin, almost unnoticeable cracks that typically extend from the corner of doors and windows.

Cracks in a concrete slab in the basement or lowest level of your home are also fairly common and can indicate settling of the soils beneath the foundation. These cracks can also be the result of concrete shrinkage or heaving.

Whether interior or exterior, these problems only get worse the longer they are left unresolved as the soils around your home continue to settle, expand and contract.

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