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3 Reasons Why You Should Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

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As a Colorado home owner, there are many aspects about your home that you are proud of. The crawl space is not always one of them. A crawl space is typically a 1 to 3-foot-high hollow area between the ground and first floor. Just high enough for someone to get into by crawling, hence the name. As the storage for the guts of the house like air conditioning, heating, duct work, plumbing and electrical, it’s typically a seldom seen area of the home. So why not sweep the problematic crawl space under the rug? Ignorance is bliss right?

Here are a few reasons why you should pay attention to your crawl space for improved health and comfortability for your family!

Prevents pests

Bugs, termites, rodents, snakes and many more little creatures love a crawl space that is not encapsulated. Many pests thrive in dark, damp, moist environments that aren’t frequently invaded by people. They burrow in and make your home their own. Some even eat your insulation and wood. When your crawl space is properly encapsulated, the insulation is removed, air sealing off any open areas where bugs or critters could come in and make themselves at home.

Controls Mold and Humidity

The crawl space is an important structural element of your home. It supports the weight of your home above it. And if moisture enters, it causes insulation and structural problems. Also, a crawl space with excess moisture can be a breeding ground for mold, fungi, and as previously mentioned termites, and even rodents.

The spot where your foundation wall and the beams above it meet is called the sill plate. Often, if there has been any foundation settlement or the sill plate shrinks due to the cold, a gap forms between the foundation wall and main beams. This allows air into your crawl space, causing the same problems as open crawl space vents.

Luckily, when you encapsulate your crawl space as well as stabilize the floor, those gap and moisture problems disappear. The moisture stays outside the home where it belongs.

Makes home more energy efficient

Crawl space vents were originally designed to allow moisture out of your crawl space to prevent rotting of your floor joists and prevent mold from growing. As building science has progressed over the years, they found that this led to more problems. If your crawl space vents are open in the winter, the cold air enters under your home due to the stack effect. In the summer, it brings in hot, damp air that then rises through your home. In both cases, it means you are spending more to keep your home the right temperature.

When you encapsulate your crawl space, you not only decrease mold from growing, you keep out the air you don’t want and keep in the air you do want.

Consider getting your crawl space encapsulated today! The experts at Peak Structural will crawl through your crawl space and get the right solution for your home!

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