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PolyRenewal: A Durable, Eco-Friendly Concrete Lifting Solution

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PolyRenewal™ foam is a high-polymer, polyurethane foam that is injected underneath concrete to lift slabs. How can a light foam really perform better than the proven method of mudjacking to lift concrete? This foam is water-proof, extremely light, and surprisingly durable! Mudjacking pumps heavy mud underneath the concrete to lift and level the slab, but this added weight may cause the concrete slab to sink even more. PolyRenewal™ foam expands underneath the concrete to lift the slab and compress the soil underneath without adding vast amounts of mud.

But, how durable can a foam be? According to tests run by the Argonne National Laboratory in 2016, our PolyRenewal™ foam is incredibly durable.

PolyRenewal™ foam retains its strength in extremely hot and cold temperatures – even at 195OF. Even drastic temperature changes, like the freeze and thaw cycles in the Midwest, have no effect on the integrity of PolyRenewal™ foam. Okay, PolyRenewal™ is durable at any temperature, but what about degradation? Surely the foam will degrade.

Wrong! Our remarkable PolyRenewal™ foam is so durable that not even microorganisms can cause it to biodegrade. Even when exposed to 1,000 years of radiation, PolyRenewal™ foam does not breakdown or release any gases. Because it does not degrade, PolyRenewal™ will never leach dangerous chemicals or pollute groundwater. Although it may never degrade, PolyRenewal™ can be recycled in many ways after fulfilling its service life, like being a filler in other materials.

Clearly, PolyRenewal™ is the best solution for concrete slab lifting. It performs better than mudjacking, remains durable through all weather changes, is extremely lightweight, and will never cause environmental problems.

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