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Cracked/Sinking Slab? Repair it, Don’t Replace it! (Part 3)

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Introducing the PolyRenewal™ System.

Other slab repair solutions such as mudjacking, or even total replacement, just don’t address the REASON that the slab is settling. The Soil.

There are 3 main causes of slab settlement:

Slab Settlement Fact #1: Poor Compaction. Depending on the age of the slab, quality of builder, and frankly how much TLC was put into construction, can determine how much “expected” settlement may occur. In order to build your home, the native soils beneath your house are dug out and backfilled to create a level plane on which to start construction. Then using heavy machinery, builders will tamper this loose soil prior to pouring the cement in order to lessen the amount of “expected settlement”. Often times, builders just don’t take the extra effort needed to ensure the soil has been tampered (they not have even done it at all!). But what’s worse, is even if they DO spend time tampering, this backfill soil will never have the density and compaction that it had before it was disrupted.

Slab Settlement Fact #2: Drying & Shrinking Soils. In the Rocky Mountain Region, soils contain highly clay-like attributes. In drier seasons when soils are lacking moisture, they’ll shrivel up underneath your slab creating gaps and voids between the dirt and the bottom of the concrete. Your slab wants to rest on something, so gravity forces it down until it rests on the shrunken soil.

Slab Settle Fact #3: Wettening & Softening of Soils. Probably the most common cause of settlement, is the saturation of the soil from heavy rains, melting snow/ice, & poor drainage. Wet soils can react in 2 ways. The first, is the dispersing of the soil. The more water that’s beneath the slab, a “washout” effect may occur. This is when the water thins out the soil and causes it to disperse. Creating gaps and voids. The second, is just what you would expect. What happens when you mix dirt with water? You’ve guess it. Mud. And your heavy concrete slab is sitting right on top of it just waiting to squish down.

PolyRenewal can help control how soils react to poor compaction, and moisture levels.

Contact Peak Structural to see how PolyRenewal can solve your slab problems!

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