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Cracked/Sinking Slab? Repair it, Don’t Replace it! (Part 1)

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The first method that comes to everyone’s mind when repairing a cracked/settling slab, is just to wipe the slate clean and start over.

Total Slab Replacement

Most Concrete companies will take one look at a cracked slab, and say, “Yep, your slab is kaput. You need a new one.” Sometimes a slab is so damaged that replacement may be the only option. But the truth is, for the vast majority of problem slabs, replacement is not the best way to go about it.

Replacement FACT #1: Starting over means just that. Jackhammering up the old driveway, patio, garage..etc., and hauling it away. But where does the rubble go? Well, companies will typically break it up and create a heaping concrete pile right next to the work area. Where a CAT or other large machine will crawl in and haul the rock out. Potentially causing extensive landscaping damage to your sod, hedges, garden…etc.

Replacement FACT #2: Depending on which portions you’re opting to replace, it is impossible to successfully match the color & tint of the adjacent slabs that are not being disrupted. Unlike a wooden fence, the sun won’t change color of the new slab. Without using texturing and stains, the old and newly poured slabs will have very contrasting colors that are not very aesthetically pleasing.

Replacement FACT #3: Once that new slab has been poured, it has to set. So be prepared to have yellow caution tape around the work area for up to 7 days. And go ahead and clear a spot out in the road, because all of your belongings and vehicles will have to be moved out there until the cement has hardened.

Replacement FACT #4: WHY? Why is my slab sinking? Well, the magic word here is SETTLEMENT. But what causes settlement? The answer is a simple one. Soil. The problem is not your slab…it’s the soil. Whatever the soil does, your slab will just follow suit. Settling soils can be caused by poor compaction of the backfill dirt, drying & shrinking during drier seasons, and most commonly, the wetting & softening of the soil. So logically, if you’re not addressing the REASON your slab is settling, you’re not really addressing anything. You will pour a beautiful, brand spanking new concrete slab — with the exact. Same. Soil. It’s only a matter of time before this new slab, looks just like the old one.

Replacement FACT #5: Total Slab Replacement is usually the most EXPENSIVE option.

So what’s the best option? Call Peak Structural today to find out how PolyRenewal™ can work for you.

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