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Peak Basement Systems Service AreaIf you're a homeowner in Southern Colorado, we're your local wet basement, damp crawl space, and settling foundation experts! Whether your home is in Castle Rock, Pueblo, Peyton, Colorado Springs, or beyond, Peak Structural takes pride in offering you written estimates for structural damage, wet basements, and moist crawl spaces. We strive to solve any of your basement, crawlspace, and foundation problems once and for all!

  • A Transferable Lifetime Warranty
  • Savings of Up to 50% Over Other Methods
  • Written Estimates and Inspections and Fast Installation
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Peak Structural, inc.

Peak Strutural, Inc Service AreaIf you are a property owner in Northern Castle Rock through Boulder, you're aware of the benefits to living here. Like us, you value the climate and the mountains. Due to these factors, we have some of the most active soils in the nation. Peak Structural is here to repair your foundation problems, foundation settlement, bowed walls, settling floors and many other foundation and structural damages to restore your home to level condition for a lifetime. We offer written estimates and fully transferrable warranties that are nationally backed.

  • Written Estimates
  • Custom Foundation Repair Projects
  • Financing Available
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The Peak Promise

Perhaps you are perusing our company information today due to an extraordinary natural curiosity about structural problems, but we doubt it.

More likely, you found us today because this type of problem has found you. Our customers report a gamut of feelings ranging from mildly annoyed to moderately upset to downright fearful. Who should I call? Who can be trusted? Who will take the pain of my problem away without taking advantage of me in the process? It can seem scary.

That’s why we’re honored that you would consider Peak as your solution for genuine relief and long-term protection. In return, we promise to courageously guard your interests and feelings like they are our own. We do this by restoring your home in a profoundly respectful manner; with pricing that is designed to protect your assets, not plunder your equity; and by providing a solid warranty that covers all your 'today's' as well as future homebuyer's 'tomorrow's'. In short, nothing less than a truly great outcome for you will do.

Here's how we see it:
You are not a problem to be solved; you are a person to be served.
In serving you well, we find our joy and purpose. What could be better than that? 

Paul Sutton, Owner of Peak Basement Systems and Peak Structural, Inc.